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Time to Redefine ‘Eastern Indonesia’

Eastern Indonesia is huge and diverse, but the system paints it as one whole culture. Do most Indonesians know what exactly is Eastern Indonesia?

by Michiko Karlina May 4, 2021
‘Minari’ Tells a Story of What It Means to Participate in America
‘Minari’ Tells a Story of What It Means to Participate in America

‘Minari’ is part of a wave of 2nd-generation storytelling about what it means to participate in America.

by Natalie Jesionka April 30, 2021
Kekerasan_Pelecehan seksual_KarinaTungari
How I Walk the Path of Healing after My Sexual Abuse

Being a sexual abuse survivor means being a part of the wider web of survivors and to walk the path of healing that so many have walked before.

by Sebastian Partogi April 20, 2021
The story of grief and guilt
Grief and Guilt: How I Cope with My Parent’s Death

For years after her father’s sudden death, she was racked with grief and guilt, finding different ways to cope with the loss.

by Michiko Karlina April 13, 2021
Profil Nawal El Saadawi
Nawal El Saadawi: Grand Novelist, Feminist Trailblazer and Global Iconoclast

Feminists worldwide mourn the loss of Nawal El Saadawi, a global iconoclast in the best sense of the phrase.

by Adele Newson-Horst March 26, 2021
Film Marvel Wandavision
‘WandaVision’ is Not That Kind of (Marvel) Show, It’s The Best Kind

‘WandaVision’ is a brilliant exploration of grief, trauma and pain, and how it helps this writer work through her own.

by Grace Wiroreno March 22, 2021
Movement and moment
Movements and Moments: Indigenous Feminism from the Global South

New project aims to highlight feminist voices from the Global South through comics and graphic novels.

by Katrin Figge March 19, 2021
perempuan rentan dapat kekerasan seksual saat jalan sendiri
Dear Women, Sarah Everard is All of Us

As long as women are seen as other than human, we will never feel safe on the street, we will never stop walking accompanied by a friend, we will never stop holding keys between our fingers, and we will always look back to check no one's following us

by Retno Daru Dewi G. S. Putri March 18, 2021
How COVID-19 Has Changed The Way We Give Birth

Visitor restrictions arising from the crisis have left many women unable to have anyone other than the midwife when they give birth, make them feel isolated.

by Alison Edwards March 16, 2021
Prince Harry Meghan Markle Oprah Interview Royal British Family
I’m Part Brit and Meghan Markle’s Interview Doesn’t Shock Me

To Indonesians who are skeptical about Meghan Markle’s revelation, actress Hannah Al Rashid writes about growing up exposed to the “British Brand of Racism.”

by Hannah Al Rashid March 12, 2021