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3 Reasons Why Rejecting Inclusive Beauty Standards is Ignorant and Sexist

Influencer “Minister of Beauty’s” body shaming comment on toxic beauty standard and Victoria Secret’s latest campaign only reveals her own ignorance and sexism.

by Lidya Sophiani July 13, 2021
Multitasking_Beban Ganda Working Mom Mother_KarinaTungari
The Triple Burden of Indonesian Mothers in the Era of Remote Schooling

Women struggle with triple burden as they single-handedly assist their children’s remote schooling activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, a study found

by Hotma Uli Octavia Tampubolon July 8, 2021
Working Less Brings Us More Psychological Benefits

Working less decreases stress and anxiety level and enables workers to have better relationships with their loved ones.

by Steve Taylor June 29, 2021
Win or Lose, Sporting Events Lead to Spikes in Domestic Violence

Internationally, there are spikes in domestic violence associated with the World Cup and even smaller events.

by Melanie Pescud June 23, 2021
Why I Can Relate with Villains Like Cruella More Than Princesses

As she gets older, she feels more related to Cruella and other female villains than the Disney princesses.

by Retno Daru Dewi G. S. Putri June 15, 2021
How to Befriend PCOS and Be Happier

Having PCOS could be a life-long battle, but befriending it is more beneficial than trying to defeat the condition.

by Ernestine Oktaviana June 8, 2021
BasaBali lestarikan bahasa Bali
Luh Manis: Balinese Women Do So Much But Are Unseen

Balinese Luh Manis changed her business due COVID-19 and now she helps local women to empower themselves.

by Sanne Breimer June 3, 2021
Friends Sitcom Reunion
On ‘Friends: The Reunion’ and My Fandom Through the Ages

Much has been said in later-day critical reassessments of Friends, but in all fairness, it was a product of a different zeitgeist.

by Fajar Zakri May 28, 2021
Don’t underestimate intense period pain, as it may be a sign of something serious, like uterine fibroids.
I Have Uterine Fibroids and It Taught Me to Listen to My Body

Too often women are forced to put up with pain as we are conditioned to ignore our ‘womanly problems.’

by Nindi Sitepu May 25, 2021
Akar terjadinya Israel-Palestina
Israeli Settlers’ Aggressive Takeover and Palestinians’ Decades-long Struggle

Israeli settlers’ aggressive takeover of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem is part of a decades-long struggle.

by Ayman Hassoneh May 25, 2021