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Help! I Have no Self-Confidence

Madge shares her wisdom and experience on how to overcome a crippling lack of self-confidence.

by Madge June 28, 2016
Not Cool 14 Thumbnail, Magdalene
I Will Never Be Cool and That's OK

I have stopped becoming so scared of what I saw in the mirror and so terrified of the voice inside of me, because who I am, the real me, is not cool and it never will be cool, and I'm okay with that. I am now happy that I can accept myself for who I am and not who I want myself to be.

by Sandra June 9, 2016
Help: I Don't Like Religions!

Madge answers two readers who pose similar questions about being disillusioned with religions.

by Madge March 17, 2016
Sexual Liberation 14 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Am I Bi-sexual or Bi-curious, or Should I Even be Worried?

A teenage girl wonders about her sexuality, and whether she should be worried at such a young age.

by Magdalene September 30, 2015
Feminine Man 55 Thumbnail, Magdalene
How Do I Get People to Accept that I'm a Feminine Man?

Madge and Downtown Boy weigh in on the acceptability of being an openly expressed feminine man.

by Magdalene September 23, 2015
Help! I'm Confused About My Future

What to do with that crippling post-graduation confusion and self-doubt.

by Magdalene August 12, 2015
How to Respond to Condescending Questions on My Religious Practice

If you're sick and tired of having to justify your religious practice, whatever your religion is, Madge offers some tips on how to respond to those pesky and condescending questions.

by Magdalene July 8, 2015
Cheating 5 Thumbnail, Magdalene
My Husbro is Cheating on Me, What Should I Do?

Can a gay guy be monogamous? This heartbroken husbro asked.

by Magdalene June 25, 2015
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None of Your Beeswax: How to Handle Nosy People on Religious Matters

Don't you hate it when people ask why you're not praying or fasting? Here's a way to handle them.

by Magdalene June 17, 2015
Should Women Be Less Sensitive and More Rational?

Madge responses to a question on whether women should be discouraged from being sensitive and pushed to be more logical and rational.

by Magdalene June 12, 2015